We're Reinventing Seafood

Our Founders
Developing A New Source Of Seafood

Our founders, a Chartered Accountant & a Phd in Cell science met during an alternative protein summit and saw complementary journey & skillsets in solving one of the biggest problems and possibly carving out a business opportunity from it. Inspired by their own experiences of having run a B2B seafood supply startup & having the necessary technical expertise of cell line & scaffolds research, it was a coming together of the necessary business & technical competence to reimagine the future of seafood

We will have 10 billion mouths to feed worldwide by 2050, so we have to get cooking. Luckily, we have started full guns blazing.

A New Way To Meet The World’s Demand For Seafood.
Healthier Food

Fresh fish without the microplastics, mercury, parasites, and other toxins commonly found in seafood today.

Healthier Oceans

Produced in closed, animal-free systems designed to keep fish in the water and out of farms.

A Pivotal Moment for the Future of Seafood.
Bragging Rights

We were the winners of Indian Smart Protein Challenge 2021 amongst more than 700 participants.

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